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Here we outline the meticulous approach we take to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process for you. First, we bring in all the materials necessary for the job. To protect your property, we lay down mats wherever possible, as long as it won’t cause any damage. While there may be some minor tire tracks due to the movement of our equipment, we want you to know that we make a concerted effort to prevent any damage to your property. Your satisfaction and the preservation of your space are of utmost importance to us at All Basement Windows.

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All Basement Windows (ABW) is committed to minimizing the impact on your yard and landscape during installation; however, it’s essential to recognize that the area will temporarily become a construction zone. To protect your lawn, we refrain from scheduling installations during periods of heavy saturation, which can damage the lawn and create a mud pit or cave-in during excavation.

Whenever feasible, we use large construction mats to mitigate damage. However, in weather conditions like drought, extreme heat, or high UV levels, the mats are not used because they can cause the grass underneath to burn.

We employ a compact track-driven excavator, which is both powerful and the smallest available. This reduces the weight and impact on your yard. Additionally, our concrete buggy, which transports dirt and stone aggregate, is designed to have minimal impact on your lawn, comparable to that of a conventional riding mower.

In the rare event of significant damage to your yard, such as ruts, ABW will apply topsoil to rectify the issue. Please note that ground settling around the window well may occur depending on the time of year, particularly in winter and early spring. If settling is observed, ABW will revisit your site when ground conditions are more favorable to apply additional topsoil if necessary.

We do not provide seeding or straw application because there are various grass seed types, and we cannot accommodate all. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to apply seed, straw, decorative stones, or any top dressing to prevent soil erosion.

Our crews perform cutting from the outside using specialized concrete-cutting saws, such as the ring saw and the parker saw. The ring saw, equipped with a diamond-tipped blade and a water flow mechanism, minimizes dust during cutting. We also employ other dust protection methods as needed and ensure that all debris is removed upon completion.

Once the installation is complete, your foreman will conduct a walkthrough with you to address any questions or details. Most installations are completed within a day, and payment is expected upon completion. Please note that a 3% fee applies to credit card transactions, while payments via check incur no fee. We offer financing options through our website, which should be explored prior to installation day.

At ABW, we are not only fully insured and compliant with workers’ compensation but also include a 10-year, one-time transfer warranty on every job as a testament to the quality we believe our customers deserve.

We understand the value of a happy home, and if it isn’t good enough for our homes, it certainly isn’t good enough for yours. All work is conducted by our team; we do not subcontract.

Feel free to contact our office or scheduling department for any queries. We eagerly anticipate working with you.

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