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Why Choose A Tilt N Turn Over A Single Hung Or Traditional Casement Window

At ALL BASEMENT WINDOWS, we are excited to introduce a superior window solution that has been a staple in European homes for decades – the Tilt and Turn window. Unlike the typical casement windows that many homeowners in the U.S. are familiar with, Tilt and Turn windows offer unparalleled versatility, security, and aesthetic appeal.

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Creative Team May 28th, 2024

What Makes Tilt and Turn Windows Special?

Tilt and Turn windows are a type of casement window but with a unique twist – or rather, a unique tilt and turn. Here’s how they work:

  • Tilt Function: The window tilts inward at the top, allowing for secure and efficient ventilation. This feature is perfect for allowing fresh air into your home while keeping the elements out. 🌬️
  • Turn Function: The window swings inward like a door when fully opened, providing a wide and unobstructed view and easy access for cleaning and maintenance. 🧽

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Why Choose Tilt and Turn Over Traditional Casement Windows? 🤔

While traditional casement windows are a popular choice, Tilt and Turn windows offer several advantages that make them a superior option:

  1. Solid Glass Design: Tilt and Turn windows consist of a single, solid pane of glass. This design not only enhances the window’s strength and insulation properties but also provides a sleek and modern look with no spacing between panes.
  2. Enhanced Ventilation: The tilt function allows for efficient air circulation without compromising security. You can ventilate your home without fully opening the window, keeping your space safe and comfortable.
  3. Robust Security: Traditional casement windows often rely on a crank mechanism, which can fail over time and may not meet stringent safety codes. Tilt and Turn windows feature heavy-duty latches, eliminating the risk of a failed crank and providing a more secure locking mechanism.
  4. Fire Safety Compliance: In Ohio, windows must meet specific requirements to be considered an escape route in case of fire. Casement windows with cranks do not qualify as escape windows because the crank mechanism might fail, potentially trapping occupants inside. Tilt and Turn windows, with their reliable latch system and easy operation, meet these safety standards, offering peace of mind and compliance with fire codes.
  • Casement windows with cranks do not always qualify as some areas do not allow them currently

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